Aniko Nagy

Aniko Nagy

I was finally graced to receive The Butterfly training where I had 3 teachers support, guidance and wisdom passed on.

I had heard for so long about it from Inge and other students until finally the opportunity arose to receive myself. This training is beyond the conceptual mind although initially you may be seen to be taught certain moves and a sequence. It transferred profound truths for where you are; this depends on your openness to receive these deeper messages.

It had profound impact and feel still to this day, the one resonating message and truth from that session when Inge came in to offer her light: “create your space around you”. I still feel it and has helped me until now on my journey.

Inge knows what each person needs to hear or experience accordingly.

Redbad taught the form beautifully, Arno came in to perfect and give his wisdom. Inge taught from the Source it came from.

In deepest gratitude for this experience.

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