Arno van Ham

Arno van Ham

Arno van Ham is Co-Receiver of The Butterfly and Head of Butterfly Physical Movement.

Arno van Ham

Co-Receiver of The Butterfly

Head of Butterfly Physical Movement

In 1970 at the age of 14 Arno was suddenly forced to quit playing soccer and with it a childhood dream came to an abrupt stop. After a year of experiencing anger and disappointment he was able to accept the situation and explore other possibilities.

A new possibility and passion came in the form of martial arts; the beauty of the simplicity fascinated him. He went his own way after 7 intensive years of studying and practicing several disciplines. The calling came to choreograph a movement based on the principal of harmonising body, mind and spirit. He named this movement The Dance. The completion of the movement eluded him. It was in 2010 in response to the visions that Inge Blei received that he engaged in further development of The Dance. In cooperation they finished The Dance that is now known as The Butterfly.

Between the years of 1977 and 2010 Arno was confronted with major life choices. Convinced that The Dance was meant to facilitate self-empowerment within harmony he rejected the offer of teaching it to an elite group. The following years he directed his attention to 3-dimensional life responsibilities. During which he worked at multiple correctional facilities as a correctional officer. Recognising the limitation to bring change and relief among the adult inmates he turned his focus to correctional youth facilities. The coaching aspect of his responsibilities within the correctional system eventually led him to accepting a coaching position outside the incarceration system.

In his role as head-instructor he is responsible for training and supporting Butterfly I-instructors and Butterfly II-facilitators.

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