Inge Blei

Inge Blei

Inge Blei is Co-Receiver of The Butterfly and Head of Butterfly Philosophy, Energy Movement.

Inge Blei

Co-Receiver of The Butterfly

Head of Butterfly Philosophy & Energy Movement

Inge was born in New Guinea. She moved to The Netherlands at the age of two with her parents. At the age of eight her family relocated to the United States and settled in California where she lived for most of the next thirty-eight years, with the exception of a three year experience in the State of Virginia on the border of Washington D.C. At the age of 46 she returned to Europe and has settled, again, in The Netherlands.

Throughout most of her life, Inge felt most at ease interacting with animals and plants. She often wondered why others would not connect more often through thought. Helping others to find relief from physical and emotional pain was experienced as a natural flow, not as a conscious decision to engage in a Loving act or not. Deeper understanding of life and the energy of creation were just there and did not need to be discussed. Most of her years were spent feeling alone in her being while among people.

In her early 40’s the messages that Inge received became more intrusive in her interactions with other people. The feeling to share the messages and hear how others experienced the world became stronger than the fear of being rejected. Through asking questions, she learnt that what she perceived as intentional ignorance of knowing was much more complex than a superficial choice for most people. This led to an exploration of self and ultimately her consciousness of Source and the integration of Source and the person Inge.

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