Redbad Zuierveld

Redbad Zuierveld

Redbad Zuierveld is a First Seat BTC Instructor for The Butterfly I.

Redbad Zuierveld (1972)

First Seat BTC Instructor The Butterfly I

With his both-legs-on-the-ground mentality, the intense believe that we, humankind are capable to much more and his pull to spiritual growth, Redbad joined in 2014 the Bridge To Consciousness group. Ever since he is dedicated to passing on the BTC Butterfly.

In his early twenties Redbad started with Martial Arts in the form of Classical Aikido. Once moved from the North to Amsterdam, the Japanese swordsmanship of Shinkendo caught his attention. He has studied and practiced both Budo disciplines intensively for about five years each. Passing on techniques and knowledge to other practitioners was a big part of this.

To integrate the Ki (Chi, Prana) aspect more into his life, Redbad started in 2006 with Chi-Lel Qigong. He found further depth in Healing Tao and that’s how he came to teacher Renske Skills, who then also introduced him to Xing Shen Zhuang Qi Gong.

The energetic vibration of The Butterfly taught by The Bridge To Consciousness shares the same source as the original and pure essence of Eastern lineage teachings. “For me, therefore, The Butterfly perfectly matches everything I have done before”, says Redbad, “The beauty of it is that it harmoniously goes together with any discipline, sport or occupation whatsoever; it’s an opportunity for enrichment and deepening. If you accept Butterfly I to integrate into your system, you even have the freedom to create your own form and focus.”

From firm grounding and the safety of balance you create the possibility to grow and experience expansion in a relatively fast, and at the same time very pure way. The Butterfly I is an honest, unique and essential preparation for this expansion that previously wasn’t available to be experienced by the many.

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