Willem Peeters

Willem Peeters

Willem Peeters is The Butterfly I Instructor

Willem Peeters

The Butterfly I Instructor

My way is the vision of who I am today and sharing the “how” with all who might benefit from this perspective of the possibilities a shift in system has to offer.

Ask yourself where your focus is. Is it only on increasing financial gain or have you included joy and quality of Life as part of the equation. What is more important for you; the financial benefits, or meeting people from all around the world who bring you experience with other cultures and belief systems? What is the focus of your activities? Do you include respecting earth and all materials taken from her for production, or are you only going for success and in that focus, neglecting environmental considerations and the the living conditions of people around the world?

Meeting people, experiencing them and at the simultaneously engaging in transparent business transactions brings me much energy. The business aspect is my grounding, the compass for my life’s path. It is the foundation of my understanding of cultures around the world for which I hold in deep respect.

The lowest price for products will never be a priority for me. A fair price will enable all parties involved to receive what is needed.

Coaching people in support of expanding their world view in the broadest sense of the word is my passion. You can find my services on World Healing with Energy.

Yin Yang

The picture of Yin and Yang represents clearly what we have to do; being in balance with ourselves, but also with the earth. What are we leaving behind for the children and our successors. Will they enjoy a life as we have or are we giving them a planet which is nearly dying?

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