Marieta Weemen

Marieta Weemen

Marieta Weemen is Butterfly I Instructor

Marieta Weemen

Butterfly I Instructor

I was born and raised in a village in the south of the Netherlands. Being a farmer’s daughter, I grew up surrounded by animals, and by nature. This has made me a ‘down to Earth’ person – sober and straightforward. “Life is plain and simple”, I often say.

At Primary School I became aware of my feelings, and the way I thought, was different compared to other children, the members of my family, and most other people in my environment. My behavior was regarded as shy and even scared. In truth, however, I only spoke (or acted) if I felt it to be relevant, and truthful. I am, so to speak, an observer and a visual thinker. I watch how things are done, and I then reproduce them, effortlessly. This is how I learn.

After many wanderings, through the proverbial mountains and valleys, I now feel I have reached an inner balance. I am trained as an Experiential Expert. Being a forerunner of the process towards ‘Consciousness’ in a world of light, I often feel like running the gauntlet. It requires delicacy. And for me to ‘stand firm’ for who I am, and what I believe in.

The Butterfly movement has entered my life, and, in retrospect, it is what I have been looking for, although being unaware of it. It does feel like the soft caress of a butterfly, when it rests on your hand.

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