Butterfly I Course is the introduction to the complete possibilities of the physical movement as well as the philosophy of The Butterfly. This phase of The Butterfly is appropriate for individuals of all ages. The course consists of 8 physical movement lessons supported by 5 philosophy lessons.

During the physical movement lessons participants will be taught specific routines and the function of each movement step-by-step. The benefits for the physical body are improvements in circulation, awareness of breathing, awareness of muscle and joint control, and an improved sense of balance. Another benefit is an increased awareness of an individual’s capacity to affect their state of mind, such as emotional extremes, clarity of mind and improved concentration. After completing the course, participants will have established a familiarity with their personal energy and are able to maintain the program independent of further teaching.

The 5 philosophy lessons will be given with the intention of expanding the awareness of each individual’s potential. A workbook will be provided as support for a deeper understanding and a familiarity with concepts useful in moving from potential into capacity through The Butterfly. It will touch such concepts as body, mind, spirit and soul and their effects on the developments of the complete person.

For information regarding scheduled Butterfly I courses, philosophy lessons and costs, please visit the activities page.